Kitchens and bathrooms, the essential parts of the home. When your faucet leaks, you lose money, when your faucet does not work, you cannot wash your hands or dishes. Here are a couple of reasons you could have trouble with a leaky faucet:
Having problems with your faucet?
High water pressure:
If there is too much water pressure in your home, the force of the water can cause water to leak out past various controls and valves, most of which may be designed for a much lower pressure.

Hard water:
If there is a high concentration of hard mineral particles;  limescale can accumulate and lead to problems. Buildup can displace components like O-rings, valve seats, and seals, leading to leaks.

Thermal expansion:
Water expands as it gets colder. This can affect the more flexible parts and result in leaking.

Improper washer installation:
Improperly installed washers; or one that doesn’t fit right can allow small amounts of water to escape.

How do we diagnose your problems?
Camera Inspection
We are able to detect whether it is buildup or a blockage with an object, thus saving time and money!

Professional tools
Our technicians have great tools to be able to get your drains in working order in a quick and safe process.

Commercial grade cleaning agents
When dealing with different buildup, it is essential to know what to use for the type of drain without causing damage. Let our technicians help get your house back in order for the least amount of hassle!