Cable machines are used to remove solid obstructions in drains. This includes tree roots, hard plastics and other hard material obstructions. However, blockages are most commonly caused by grease, sludge, sand and other softer materials.¬†Hydro-jetting is beneficial because it doesn’t bore through the middle of a blockage like a cable.

How is this beneficial?

Hydro jetting will clean obstructions due to its ability to

  • Emulsify and break apart grease
  • Clearing sludge
  • Break branches and roots into passable sizes
  • Breaking down hardened scale
  • Clearing drain to full flow


How is it better than cable rodding?

In the short-term, cable machines can cut a hole through the debris and allow some regular flow, but is not effective long-term.Hydro-jetting helps eliminate future problems by preventing the line from quickly building up to another blockage from uncleared debris from conventional cabling.

How powerful is a hydrojet?

Equipped with 3000 or 6000 PSI of force, our hydro-jetting service can remove any obstacle and leave your drains clean and ready for action!

How do we diagnose your problems?

Camera Inspection
We are able to detect whether it is buildup or a blockage with an object, thus saving time and money!

Professional tools
Our technicians have great tools to be able to get your drains in working order in a quick and safe process.

Commercial grade cleaning agents
When dealing with different buildup, it is essential to know what to use for the type of drain without causing damage. Let our technicians help get your house back in order for the least amount of hassle!