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My bathtub was getting backed up to the point where I would take a shower and my ankles would be underwater. I complained several times to my landlord who sent out a handy man who would never do a good job. So I called All rooter. Bert came out and not only unclogged the drain but also pulled out pieces of old coil most likely from the handy man breaking a cheap drain snake before. Bert did a great job and it was very well priced. Too bad I paid for it and not my landlord.

 -Mayra G.

Within 30 minutes of contacting All-Rooter regarding a clogged toilet, my call was returned first by Juan and then Bert.  When Bert arrived, he not only checked my immediate concern, but explained, in simple terms, more about how my plumbing system worked than I had ever known as a 5+ year homeowner.  His price was much more reasonable than the others I contacted regarding the same problem, and he was able to do the job immediately. Great work!

 -Rosie B.

I called All Rooter and Plumbing.  I had a a bathroom sink that I was not able to use because of being blocked.  Bert came and fixed the problem. The other problem I had was water coming out when using the kitchen sink and wash machines. He had to clean out all the grease out of the drains.  He brought in a sludge truck in to pump out all the grease and hydrojetted the pipes.  He showed me by running the camera from the beginning all the way out to the city pipes.  The pipes were so clean you would have thought he put new ones in. I can only tell you that Bert is very honest and will explain to you everything before he starts the job. Once he is done with everything explains to you how to prevent it happening again.

 -Marie S.

Bert was awesome I had some last minute plumbing issues at my hair salon   Couldn’t find no one to come out same evening but thank God for All Plumbing he came thru for me last min was courteous and professional and assessed the problem got right to fixing what needed to fix no more no less.

 -Rich S.

I own a Chicago Style Bungalow and I’m a 1st time home owner who knows nothing about plumbing. Last week I started to have water come from the side of my basement toilet.  The plumber that I had come before Bert said that it was a seal problem in the toilet and thats why the water was coming from the side.  That plumber charged me $200 to “fix” the seal only to find out that wasn’t the issue.  Turns out that after my family and I would use the shower/toilet on the 2nd floor bathroom thats when the water would begin to leak on the side of the basement toilet as well as come up from the basement shower.  I woke up to a awful sewage odor coming from my basement.  I went to check and found sewage coming from the shower and toilet.  I called 6 different places none which could come on that day because they were busy.  When I would describe what was happening to my toilet and shower each said that there was a clog somewhere and that the pipes needed to be rodded out with a snake.  Got Quotes ranging from $250-$500.  Rotor rooter wanted $500 an hour.  Prices were crazy!!!  To top it off my wife is pregnant and I didn’t want her to have to deal with that smell and that day happen to be our baby shower.I called Bert told him it was emergency and with in the hour he was there.  Bert sent a camera down and found the blockage.  Turns out it was the “disposable” baby wipes that my family and I just started to use for the past 3 months.  He sent a rod down and cleared everything out.  Once everything was done he took time to explain everything and make me understand the pipe line I have in my house.  I also had him come out to clean my grease trap the following week.  He cleaned my drain area for my laundry room too.

1. Bert was the only plumber that came out when I had an emergency.
2. Bert took his time to unclog everything.
3. Bert explained everything so simple that a child could understand.
4. His price included camera service which some places charge extra.
5. Because it was a EMERGENCY I had to pay emergency prices.  Felt it was higher then what it should have been. Thats why I gave him 4/5 stars.  Again, if its a emergency you going to pay emergency prices.  He will drop what ever job he’s doing and go help you out.

Would I use him again???

Most definitely!!!  I plan on using him to do my yearly maintenance.  I highly recommend him.

Just make sure you discuss price before he does the work.

 -Robert G.

After we got a quote from another company that was telling us that it might cost $1,000’s in repairs, including a $450 camera inspection, we decided to get a second opinion. Bert charged us HUNDREDS less for a camera inspection and discovered that our main line was actually just fine, and that there was something / a possible root coming into the city’s main past our property line under the street. We actually saved $1,000’s of dollars just by having Bert come and take a look. AND he even changed out our toilet wax seal & rusted bolts for no extra charge. Bert is an honest straight up guy, not trying to sell you on big repairs. He explained that it might cost a lot if we had to rip up the floor to replace a broken sewer pipe, because we have a crawlspace, but that wasn’t the case thankfully. Thanks Bert, Highly recommended!

 -Mike V.

I had a big problem in my basement water over flowing all over the basement. A big issue that needed to be solved as soon as possible. Thanks to All rooter and plumbing the problem was fixed.  I have to say the plumber did  a great job his work is professional noticed he had the right equipment he’s reliable and honest. Im glad i called All rooter and plumbing.

 -Brenda B.

Bert is professional and efficient. Called at 3 am with a busted pipe. He arrived on point as he said he would. He was very polite in answering all questions. He was able to resolve my problems in a timely manner. I know I saved time and money by calling Bert. I am very happy with his service. I would definitely recommend and continue using All Rooter-Plumbing!  Another satisfied customer!

 -Fabiola M.

Called and Bert came out to my house within 20 minutes.  Had the sewer main rodded and also got quotes for a couple of other things we wanted to get fixed.  Bert’s quotes were very reasonable and he was very thorough and explained the whole process of everything.  Highly recommended.


I called and Bert came out to my home the next day.  I had a couple of minor jobs and one major job to have done. His assessment was accurate. He explained everything to me and took care of the problem in a reasonable time. I recommend him highly.

 -Jahaan A.

I live in Oak Park and searched Yelp for a plumber to rod out my sewer line because I had gotten water during the storm. Bert wasn’t far and was able to come out the same day to inspect the line and catch basin. My catch basin didn’t need cleaning but my line did need rodding. He took care of it in less than an hour. No worries about being taken advantage of. Bert was very honest and professional.

 -Valencia B.

I had some sewage odor issues at my business for a while. I had other plumbers take a look at it and couldn’t diagnose it.  Bert came last minute and was able to detect the problem and fix it quickly. He was professional, thorough, and reasonably priced.  I would recommend him to anyone.

 -Reshma D.

I arrived home from work late this evening after a day of heavy rains and my sewer line was blocked. I called All Rooter & Plumbing and Bert told me he could either come out that night or the following morning. The after hours call would be a bit more but worth it for me to not have to miss work tomorrow morning.

Bert arrived about an hour later…around 10pm…and got right to work. He rodded the sewer line several times with various cutters and blades. When the blockage wasn’t fully cleared he put his camera in the line and identified what he thinks is a city issue which would require a visit from their inspector. He then rodded again to restore maximum sewage flow.

At nearly midnight, after 2 hours of work, I happily paid Bert a very reasonable fee for his expert work. After numerous prior cleanings and repairs this is the first time a contractor has identified this as a city issue. Bert’s initial fee was well worth it and his advice will likely save me unnecessary expenses in the future as well.

 -Dave M.

When we called All Rooter & Plumbing Sewer Drain we had a single job in mind. We had several estimates on the job already and were looking for a fair price and quality work, we got both with All Rooter & Plumbing. Plumber Bert came out assessed the job and gave us a fair price. Bert was very professional and efficient and did the job just as he described before he began the work. The plumbing work was quality work completed in a timely fashion…problem solved. THANK YOU Plumber Bert!!!

 -Claudette T.

Months ago I started my project to remodel my kitchen. After taking down the walls we noticed that we had several problems with the drain. We called Bert first because of the high recommendations on Yelp. Bert was very attentive. He explained the work in detail. Bert and his assistant were very professional. I am very happy with the work they did.

Hace meses empecé mi proyecto de remodelar mi cocina. Después de tirar las paredes nos percatamos que teníamos varios problemas con el desagüe. Llamamos a Bert primero por las altas recomendaciones en Yelp. Bert fue bastante atento. Me explicó el trabajó con detalle. Bert y se ayudante fueron muy profesionales quede muy contento con el trabajo que realizó.

 -Raul M.

Shopping around for a plumber was frustrating as I had a couple of no call backs and a no show.  I was so thankful when I was recommended to Bert and was happy to see everyone’s comments on yelp.  He was easy to talk to, listens and was very professional in getting my plumbing problems done affordably and most importantly CORRECTLY, as he had to fix plumbing issues from a previous owner in my newer property. He worked hard to get my plumbing problems resolved quickly and even stayed late to finish his work meanwhile keeping things clean! I have since referred and recommended him to a few friends in need.  I would definitely use him again!

 -Laura D.

When I bought my house 3 years ago I needed a good plumber because of a water main leak. Being disappointed by all my plumbers I tried Craigslist and found Bert. He came out and underbid my usual guy by almost over 15%. I was worried because of how big the job was. But Bert seemed very knowledgeable. They did everything they said and on schedule.  The water main ran under the sidewalk and he was even able to get the cement work done.  Now I use him at all my buildings. I have used him at least 10 times since.
He was at one of my buildings today to rod the line and as usual;  fast, great work and under budget.  and he always does a great cleanup.
Thank you To Bert and the crew at ALL.

 -Dean M.

Very professional and timely. Had them out to my condo in an 11 unit building for backed up drain lines. Was able to camera various lines and find the source of the clog. Would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them!


I am very cautious when it come to plumbers. However, Bert is the best!!! My main sewer line was clogged and filled with grease, Bert cleared the clog and cleaned & removed all that nasty grease from my main sewer line!!! I can say that i will be keeping all rooter & plumbing and Bert in my contacts!!!  Thanks so much Bert!!!

 -Delores M.

Bert came out very quickly and cleared my grease trap in my basement. He also took the time to answer all questions I had, and he showed me via a camera what state my line going to city. He was flexible with his pricing and his customer service was top notch. I already recommended him to two friends of mine.  P.S. I called my Plumbers from this site and they told me that they don’t service my area even though there advertising says service the greater Chicago area this also what makes him stand out because he services the south side as well.

 -Craig D.

Best plumbing service we have ever received. Bert came over on a Sunday night and fixed a leaky and rusted water valve efficiently and effectively. Cordial and professional. The best one around.

 -Lakeview S.

I had a problem when the kitchen sink began to back up. Made the call and Bert came out the next day to look at the problem. He messaged when he was on his way, was on time, did a great job, very polite. Definitely gonna keep them in mind for any future plumbing issues or upgrades.
Thanks again!

 -Francisco M.

Sir Bert was very reliable and l love the way he explained everything step by step. He is a professional in his domain. The work was perfect. I will definitely contact him if I need any service in plumbing.

 -Dieudonne F.

Bert was great. Very friendly and thorough. Called late on a Tuesday and he showed up right away.

 -Dusty Z.

Bert came out for the estimate last week and came today to replace the shut off valves and a faucet in my bathrooms. Quick, prompt and professional work! We will definitely use his services again when needed!

 -Meg E.

Bert was there same day, did an excellent job, cleared our sewer out and charged us a fair price. Highly recommend

 -Ryan Z.

recently bought a home and I’m completely clueless when it comes to plumbing. I noticed that I was having issues with my tub contacted Bert. He was very helpful very knowledgeable. He showed up promptly fixed the problem in no time. You can definately tell from the gecko that your dealing with a professional. I would definately recommend his services. I live in the suburbs and that wasn’t an issue. Prices are also very affordable.

 -Laura B.

Came on time, very polite and friendly I always addressed me by my first name. Bert explained everything very well. was very clean and conscious when working in the house.

 -Gary O.

Bert is the best. We have a 10,000 square foot building and we’ve had problems with smells coming out of our drains for the last year. After several unsuccessful attempts with one plumber, another plumber suggested we call a somebody to have and have them do something to our “main line.” I’m not a plumber, so this sounded quite complicated and expensive. Enter Bert & “All Rooter & Plumbing Sewer Drain Services.”

I gave them a call, made an appointment for a couple of days later, and Bert called that morning, asked if the day and time still worked for me, and showed up right on time.

Long story short, what we were expecting to be a complicated and somewhat expensive project, ended up being a super easy fix (like pouring water down the drain) and Bert took care of it for us for basically nothing.

We feel so lucky to have found a plumbing resource that is trustworthy, punctual, communicative, and good a what they do!

 -Murray M.

Bert is the best!!! Highly recommend for all your plumbing needs!! We contacted Bert on a Saturday at 10:30am after our toilet exploded and Bert arrived by 12:30. He was able to identify my problem as a broken sewer main outside with his camera equipment. Bert replaced the line at a fair price, on time, and without a mess. Thank you Bert you saved us!!!!

 -Seryl and Jim R.

Bert came to fix a leaking faucet in our powder room. He showed up in the time window we had agreed upon which was good. He was courteous and respectful of our space. He used shoe outers while working on the job., which is an important requirement for me. Bert was able to fix the problem to our satisfaction in one visit.

 -Abhik J.

We were having significant issues with a stubborn shower drain.. the water would drain but did so extremely slowly! Bert was very punctual for the free estimate. He took his time and listened to all our concerns before doing a VERY thorough inspection. Though we got several estimates, we decided to go with Bert because he was very professional and knowledgeable, and did not seem rushed. He brought in the rooter and camera and was able to fix our problem in no time! The drain works like new! Highly recommend Bert and his company!

 -Shaun I.

Bert and crew were great to work with. I needed a new ejector pump installed and they evaluated the need, went and bought the pump and installed the pump all in the same day. They also cleaned up the area after completing the job. Great work.

 -Caleb B.

Bert was fantastic and did a great job. Our drain tiles were completely clogged and Bert worked incredibly hard and got them cleared. He corrected my problem for the price he quoted me, even though the job was more involved than he initially thought. I have recommended this company to several other people and will absolutely use them again.

I could not be happier with the service and highly recommend these guys.

 -Joe D.

My husband and I bought a house without knowing the horrors waiting for us under the concrete in the basement. When the sewer started backing up we called one company that didn’t seem to have the time for us. Bert came and found a horribly broken sewer line. He ended up replacing 25 feet of sewer line, installing a back flow valve and a discharge pump, and fixing the (surprise) illegal pipework the previous owners had left under the floor.

It was a huge job, but Bert and his crew worked efficiently and expertly even with the unforeseen complications and for a fair price. The whole crew was accommodating and friendly and had no problem working around our then 6 month old twins. We have had a few heavy rains since then and everything has worked beautifully. We will definitely be using them again for any plumbing needs!

 -Alice W.

Bert is truly a toilet/sewer Doctor, and I’m so glad I found him! My toilet suddently stopped flushing, and it was backing up into the nearby bathtub (yuck). I can’t live like this, so I immediately went to Yelp and found his company, All Rooter & Plumbing, in the top ten for my Wrigleyville neighborhood. He started out like a doctor (seriously) with a first-time patient, thoroughly analyzing what had happened and all other info I could provide. Then he brought in his diagnostic equipment and went to work. Long story short: It turned out to be a building-wide problem in our old graystone 8-flat, and I was just the “canary in the coal mine.” He solved the problem and gave me a huge hunk of tree roots from the main sewer line as my “souvenir.” Problem solved! I will use Bert again and again, because something tells me the roots will keep comng back — nature does win in the long run, right? This was an extremely positive experience. My only hesitation is that a few more 5-star reviews like this will make Bert as hard to schedule as the best dermatologist in town!

 -Tom W.

I had sewer issues that are common of a 100 year plus house. I called around and had a couple plumbers come to service it and they turned out to be the typical salesperson routine pitch-upsell upsell upsell!

Then I met Bert…..and I knew instantly he was a individual of integrity and professionalism.

I’ve called upon Bert now more than once and he’s always reliable.

We need more good people like this out there.

 -Drake O.

II cant say enough to recommend this guy. Bert is not only a skilled plumber but also a good human being. I had a major plumbing issue that needed major work – basically needed to replace the whole underground drain to sewer line. Bert came and used camera to identify the issue and gave me a price thats literally impossible to beat. Even with such a great price, he did not compromise the quality of work and product he used for the total replacement. I was amazed to see his professionalism and care for the work. I already told him, he is my go to person from now on. Just want to thank him for everything.

 -Sunny R.

Bert and team did a great job with our sewer line repair. He responded quickly to identify the blockage and fit our job in the schedule quickly to remove the blockage and repair the sewer drain line. In addition, Bert did great job covering and protecting our finished basement. Overall, great service and professionalism.

 -Stephan R.

I had a bathtub with standing water. No matter how many products I bought or baking soda and vinegar treatments I did, still standing water. I ‘Yelped’ for help, read a few reviews and landed on All Rooter and Plumbing. A very lucky day for me. I left a message and emailed, he was prompt in his response and was willing to come the same day, no drama. He fit me in. When he arrived, he came to work! He was thorough and very professional, thoughtful and kind. He cleaned out my bath drain (the trap) in no time. I am forever grateful to Bert and would reccomend him to anyone who needed a job well done!

 -Kiki P.

Bert was excellent. What was originally thought to be a sewer problem ended up being the blocked kitchen line. By using the camera first, which showed the sewer was completely clear, Bert and his crew went through the catch basin and hydo-jetted the kitchen line. They then pumped out the catch basin of more than 50 years worth of silt, trash and other materials.

Hopefully the basement won’t flood again

 -Julie R.

Bert was wonderful and professional!!!
I will continue to use All Rooter & Plumbing for all my plumbing needs!!!
Moved my appointment up 2 day, came on time, and fairly priced.


 -Iride M.

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